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Important Note

Testing for lactose intolerance has classically been done by having a patient ingest a defined amount of lactose and then measuring blood specimens for the presence of glucose over time. Although this test has been in use for many years, it has recently been replaced by the hydrogen breath test, in which a patient drinks a lactose containing beverage and then has aliquots of their breath collected in a balloon and examined for the presence of hydrogen. Raised hydrogen breath levels indicate the improper digestion of lactose and the generation of hydrogen when undigested lactose in the colon is digested by bacteria. Due to the low number of the traditional lactose tolerance tests being ordered and in recognition of the superiority of the hydrogen breath test, the PMC Laboratory will discontinue offering the lactose tolerance test on November 3, 2014. The hydrogen breath test may be scheduled through the FAHC GI office at 802-847-8865.