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Performing Laboratory

Porter Hospital Laboratory

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Blood
Container/Tube: Tiger top, serum gel
Also Acceptable: Green top (Lithium Heparin)
Specimen Volume: Full tube, submit 0.4 mL serum
Specimen Minimum Volume: 0.35 mL
Collection Instructions:
1. Send specimen in original tube.
2. If there is a delay in transport of >1 hour, centrifuge tube.

Specimen Transport Temperature


Days Performed

Daily; Available STAT

Test Classification and CPT Coding


Special Instructions

Medical Serum/Plasma Alcohol test reported in mg/dL. Example of unit conversion from mg/dL to percentage: 80 mg/dL is equivalent to 0.08 %

Normal Reference Values

A result of <10 mg/dL is equivalent to NONE DETECTED.

Critical Values

> 200 mg/dl

Specimen Requirements Additional Information

Process immediately to minimize the loss of alcohol due to evaporation.